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Who do we treat? 

The AzHTC provides clinical care for patients with various bleeding and clotting disorders and provides cutting-edge treatments specific to bleeding disorders. 

Hemophilia and Bleeding Disorders 

Hemophilia is the name for a group of hereditary genetic disorders that impair one’s ability to form blood clots after an injury. A person with hemophilia, or one of several related bleeding disorders, can experience a serious internal bleed from a minor injury or, in the case of severe hemophilia, after seemingly no injury at all. Currently, there is no cure for these chronic conditions, but treatments and measures are available to manage the disorder.

At the AzHTC, we see patients of all ages and provide treatment for injuries, sudden bleeds, prevention planning, counseling and comprehensive clinics. Our program includes many elements, such as physical therapy, social work, injury prevention planning, bleeding assessment and rehabilitation, and psychosocial counseling for all patients throughout their lifespans. Doctors from both Pediatric and Adult Hematology provide care and expertise. 

Thrombosis and Clotting Disorders 

Thrombosis, or hypercoagulability, is a genetic disorder that causes a person’s blood to clot more than normal. Affected individuals can form blood clots in their veins even when there is no damage or injury. This can contribute to serious health problems like difficulty breathing, strain on the heart and even stroke.

At the AzHTC, patients with thrombosis manage their symptoms through specialized visits and medication as directed by our providers. We have unique clinics available for thrombosis patients where they have access to specialized care.

An initial appointment is made through the AzHTC Program Coordinator, (520) 626-4152. This appointment can be made by the patient or family, referring physician, or other health care professional.  Referring physicians can fax referrals to (520) 626-7077.

The patient will be seen by the hematologist or the nurse practitioner, the nurse, psychosocial provider, and, when appropriate, the physical therapist and/or geneticist, and financial counselor.  A medical and social history will be taken. Available services will be discussed, and the team will determine with you any educational and/or diagnostic needs you may have.

Definitely not. The services provided are at the discretion of the patient and his or her health care provider. Patients may take advantage of any of our services, and still receive their hematology care through another provider. The HTC does not provide primary pediatric or adult care, and it is recommended that patients continue routine, non-hematologic care through their primary care provider. 

Each patient is required to have a comprehensive evaluation by our multidisciplinary team every one or two years, depending on the severity of their disorder. Our findings and recommendations are then sent to the patient or family, the primary care provider and/or the referring hematologist. We will also prescribe medication that may be provided by the patient’s choice of home care company.

Research published has shown that patients with bleeding disorders seen at HTCs have a 60% less risk of death and/or serious complications from their bleeding disorder than patients who received all their care from non-HTC providers or institutions.  

Accurate and prompt diagnosis is the key to successful therapy and prevention of complications of venous or arterial thromboembolism. AzHTC personnel are informed by current discoveries of common inherited genetic mutations that predispose individuals to such events. Our staff are skilled, knowledgeable and experienced in blood coagulation problems.  

Knowledge of preventive medicine, carrier detection, genetic and prenatal counseling, patient education, blood product use and the complications of therapy make the AzHTC team uniquely trained to provide the full range of multi-disciplinary comprehensive services to patients and families with bleeding and clotting disorders.  

Patients can receive free counseling, education and support services that might not be available in a private physician’s office. This includes, but is not limited to, visits to a child’s school, contact with the school nurse, information about insurance coverage, home care delivery, and Medicare and Medicaid (AHCCCS) coverage. The patient and/or family members can be taught intravenous access, subcutaneous or intramuscular injection techniques so that therapy can be given at home.  

Education can help patients manage their disorder, remain more medically independent and prevent complications caused by inappropriate medical management. Center staff will provide regular information about the latest research and advances in treatment and treatment products. Patients may, when available, also participate in clinical trials for new products.  

The Comprehensive Care model is a partnership. Together we formulate an optimal, individualized management plan.

Services Available at the AzHTC

HTC Care Coordination:

  • Diagnosis Education
  • Home treatment coordination and training 
  • Home infusion training
  • Procedure, surgery, and dental plans
  • Home health coordination
  • School visits
  • Office hours consultation
  • Assist with the transition from pediatric to adult care

Please call (520) 626-0213 to speak to the AzHTC Nurse Coordinator. 
Please note that our Nurse Coordinator is fluent in Spanish.
Por favor, marque (520) 626-0213 para hablar con el coordinadora de enfermería de AzHTC.
Nuestra coordinadora habla español con fluidez.

Psychosocial Assistance:

Help connecting to consumer organizations which provide:

  • General Financial assistance
  • Assistance paying for medical and dental services
  • Transportation to clinic
  • Medic Alert subscriptions
  • Annual Camp for affected children and their siblings
  • Community Events, including annual holiday parties
  • Scholarships for college and technical school
  • Annual meetings
  • Educational events
  • Assist with the transition from pediatric to adult care

AzHTC psychosocial and medical providers can provide:

  • School visits
  • Mental health assessment, treatment, follow-up, and community referrals
  • Care facility visits

Please call (520) 626-7359 to speak to the Psychosocial Provider.

Financial Counseling 

women working out

We know that one of the more stressful things about treating any disorder is managing insurance and keeping up with how the billing process works. We have a Patient Financial Counselor at our clinic who can help with all kinds of insurance plans, Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial plans, as well as what to do if your insurance lapses.

Our Patient Financial Counselor can answer your questions regarding insurance and billing, as well as clinic-related insurance and billing. Please be proactive and do not hesitate to ask about what is covered and what is not.

Our Patient Financial Counselor can help with:

  • Co-pay assistance
  • Deductible assistance
  • Free product programs
  • Help with insurance questions and resources
  • Insurance authorization assistance

Please call (520) 626-6766 to speak to the Patient Financial Counselor.


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To Schedule Your Appointment or for General Information: Call (520) 626-4152

Emergencies, After Hours, or Holidays: Call (520) 694-6000 to reach the Banner UMC Paging Operator. Request the "Pediatric or Adult Hemophilia Provider On-Call" for immediate assistance.